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Turkish fascism in Sweden – Grey Wolves


The Grey Wolves is the youth wing to the nationalist party MHP in Turkey that in the election 2015 passed the 10% electoral threshold with 11.90%. The Grey Wolves employ violent methods and aim especially at Kurds, Armenians and various leftist activists.

According to the Turkish State Security the Grey Wolves have murdered 694 people between 1974 and 1980.

In connection with the Turkish State terminating peace negotiations with PKK’s leader Abdullah Öcalan, MHP made a statement that – if the State and Security Service didn’t solve the “situation” with PKK they would take things into their own hands. This has pushed into existence the siege campaign against the Kurdish cities in Bakur (Northern Kurdistan and South-east Turkey) that is taking place right now.

During the 2015 election 120 HDP-offices were attacked (Kurdish parliamentary party) by Grey Wolves.

Exist also in Europe

This fascist organization is not only organized in Turkey but also in large parts of Europe. In Germany they have up to 10,000 members and also in Sweden they have shown up several times, including 1999 when they attacked the Communist Party of Sweden during a leafleting where they called for boycott of Turkey.

Kurdish activists were threatened several times during the election campaign when they were campaigning for HDP and in September 2015 one of their association’s premises were subject to a bombing attack and yesterday (February 13 2016) a Kurdish activist was seriously wounded during a shooting in Fittja.

This is a translation by @b9AcE of the text originally published by the Swedish Rojava Committees in Swedish here.
As always, the main aim was to remain as close as possible to the original text.

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PJAK on the attack in Fittja [Stockholm, Sweden]

PJAK’s statement regarding the attack against one of its party comrades.

To the public,
Saturday February 13 2016 there was a peaceful demo with police permit for peace in Kurdistan and release of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. One of the escort cars of the demo that was held on Saturday was subjected to an armed attack in Fittja, upon which our comrade Ghafor Mohammadi got gunshot wounds and had to be taken to hospital urgently with life threatening injuries.

We consider this terror attack a part of the Erdogan-regime’s violence-promoting politics, and a direct attack on the Kurdish liberation struggle. The Turkish State and Erdogan’s regime have recent months intensified their attacks on the Kurdish people. In northern Kurdistan Turkish military and police have besieged cities, killed and burnt hundreds of civilians as well as apprehended parliamentarians and human rights activists.

From that political background, we interpret this assault as a planned and coordinated attack, specifically targeted at the Kurdish liberation movement lead by the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK). Last week one of our political leaders and two other comrades were killed in a Turkish airstrike in southern Kurdistan, by all accounts coordinated with the Islamic regime in Iran.

Therefore this attack is extremely alarming for Kurdish liberation activists. It is also a mockery against the Swedish civil society, when Turkish terrorists commit heinous attacks on Swedish ground. Therefore we strongly condemn the terrorist activity that is practiced daily by Fascists in Turkey, and that now also have manifested in Sweden.

We call upon the Swedish justice system to speedily investigate the event. As Kurdish peace activists in Sweden our safety and security now to the highest degree depends on the Swedish State’s protection. We continue our struggle and will never let threats or harassment stop our struggle for freedom and democracy.

Swedish Committee of Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK)


[Translated by me from this source]

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