About b9AcE

Everything concerning speed in reporting that was written in the original
version that remains below has to be disregarded for now,
due to an unidentified but severe eyesight problem.
I still do what I can and will keep doing so until I can't.
Currently mostly on Mastodon due to unacceptable developments at Twitter.

Brief current summary:
I spend most of my time gathering and spreading news, other information and opinions on Twitter, primarily under the username @b9AcE.
Any time remaining is usually spent at offline activism or preparation for either.
I’ve been doing the Twitter part since 6 February, 2009.
If you want the too long version, read on.

The online activism:
Since you are presumably reading this online, we’ll cover the online activities first.
The aim for the news reporting is accuracy in reports first, then speed.
To my knowledge, in all these years of high speed reporting, I have only had two major inaccurate reports. Those were also reported by major media and I did issue corrections when it became apparent.
That being said, almost always reports through me for covered topics arrive before major media and news agencies. How much faster depends on them of course, but ranges from minutes to days.
Both the speed and the accuracy is achieved by using local sources and comparing those sources’ reports and previous reputation in order to determine likely accuracy level.

The common focus is primarily on liberatory movements worldwide, points of failure for the financial system and other major events deemed likely of interest to people in general.
It is presumed that by unmodified reporting on the current status of the world, that will by itself make obvious the need for a rapid and complete change in the way people live.
Examples of topics covered in the past include, in approximate order of started coverage:
• Resistance to austerity policies in countries like Greece, Spain, Sweden, Germany, USA, UK and many more.
• Liberations of occupied territories like Palestine, Kurdistan, Sapmi, et cetera.
• UK Uncut and related protests.
• Revolutions in the Middle East- and North Africa-region, commonly but incorrectly referred to as “Arab Spring”.
• Occupy Wall Street movement worldwide.
• The so called “Great Recession”.
• Occupy Gezi and the continuation thereof.
• Actions by Anonymous and related computer hacking groups.
• Many, many more topics and surely many more to come.

The offline activism:
Where to begin? The beginning?
My parents were politically active anarchists and I lived in a squat before I was one year old (including the famous squat of the Stockholm block “Mullvaden”). That is my beginning.

First some brief highlights of formative events in non-activist areas, as background.
Philosophy, history, politics, natural sciences and similar topics have been some of my core interests since before I can remember.
In a conscious effort to form a broad base in all topics, I read through a 25 band encyclopedia some time around age 12. Of course this was before such things as constant access to even more information than that though online services like Wikipedia made such an effort just silly, but that didn’t exist back then.
Parallel to this, I also had an early and deep interest in computers including using both Internet and Linux for the first time in 1994, which eventually lead to my first job as an adult being a Systems Administration teacher and later several years of work in the field for major global corporations.
Back then there was compulsory military service for all males and refusal resulted in jail time, so I chose to accept this free education as well and became a sergeant quartermaster in the engineer corps before my service was cut short due to downsizing.
I have tried parliamentary party politics, to the point of standing for and winning election at age 18, but have come to the conclusion all systems based on these principles are intrinsically flawed for reasons to complex to be described here, but will probably be covered in later produced texts. Therefore I resigned.
Now I consider this time in parliamentary party politics my youth revolt.

Now I am trying to use these backgrounds in various liberatory activism or in support of others acting for similar goals.
Some examples:
• Heavily involved in the building of the first Cyklopen social centre, later burnt down in an arson attack and now rebuilt.
• Held workshops in information security and related topics for offline activists of various groups.
• Was at Occupy Stockholm from day one (October 15, 2011), almost constantly until some time in May.
• Involvement in the Swedish 2009 wave of building squats.
• Several years of helping to organize Stockholm Anarchist May Day demos and others.

Now the too long version ends too.