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AFA [antifa] Sweden: In Turkey’s eyes we are all terrorists.

Turkey’s fascistic dictator Erdogan is committing genocide against the Kurdish people. The Swedish government wants to become a member of NATO at any cost. The Social Democrats with Magdalena Andersson and Ann Linde at the forefront does not just want to drag Sweden into the war-machine NATO. They also want to jump into bed with Erdogan. A deal with Turkey is a contract written in blood.

NATO is a war-project run by USA – the country wherein the most children worldwide are born in prison and where the right to abortion no longer is a constitutionally protected right. Sweden’s NATO-membership would mean derogations of our constitutionally protected rights.

For Turkey to let Sweden into NATO Sweden must extradite Swedish Kurds. Furthermore Sweden must promise to stop support for PKK in Sweden. But Turkey also demands that Sweden terror-labels PYD, YPJ and YPG. As an extension one violates our obvious right to organize. The Rojava Committees struggle for the revolution in Rojava and we stand with them in the fight against fascism.

The network Antifascist Action [Sweden] was founded in 1993 to fight sexism, fascism, capitalism and homophobia. We have for generations taken the fight on the streets. Within our struggle national borders and ethnicity does not matter. The working class has no nation and antifascism is always self-defense.

International solidarity is one of our most important weapons for a revolutionary transition. When the Kurds’ defense-forces took the fight against ISIS and won practiced solidarity was a deciding factor. Comrades from the entire world put words into action and fought side by side in the struggle against fascism. Military and humanitarian aid resulted in them being able to move the front line forward while our movement could be inspired and strengthened.

Now Sweden’s government backstabs our comrades. That the Social Democracy sells out our comrades was unfortunately not unexpected.

– We condemn the Social Democrats’ cowardice, when they sell out our comrades to the Turkish fascist-state!
– We defend the revolution in Rojava and the revolutionary movement in Kurdistan!
– We encourage everyone to show their support for the Kurdish liberation movement

PKK – Kurdistan Workers’ Party

PYD Democratic Union Party

YPJ – Women’s Defense Units

YPG – People’s Defense Units

Antifascist Action Sweden 2022-07-04



Translated by b9AcE to the best of my ability, from the original text in Swedish. Any errors are to be presumed mine, not antifa’s.


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