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Antifascist Viktor Filinkov tortured by FSB officers

The following was sent to me by a trusted source and is republished without any changes:

Antifascist Viktor Filinkov, accused of participation in the terrorist
community, was tortured. This follows from the conclusion of the Public
Monitoring Commission of St. Petersburg (body controling observance of
human rights in detention facilities), which visited a young man in
SIZO-3 (detention center) . The conclusion is available at the editors
of OVD-Info.

Commission members recorded numerous traces of burns from a Taser in the
chest area, as well as across the entire surface of the right thigh and
hematoma on the right ankle. According to Filinkov, he had received
these injuries on January 24 in a car (blue Volkswagen), in which he was
put by FSB officers after being detained at the Pulkovo airport. From
there he was taken to the police department of the Krasnogvardeysky
district, and then to hospital No. 26.

From the hospital, Filinkov was taken into the forests, where masked
people beat him for five hours. During the beating, FSB officers
demanded from Filinkov to confess. After he agreed, they forced him to
learn precise formulations. Filinkov was threatened that this beating to
be “an easy version of what will happen next” if he refused. This words
of the activist mentioned in the conclusion of the Public Monitoring
Commission (PMC). Masked people were saying only “Stay quiet!” and
“Don’t yell!”.

Filinkov wrote explanatory notes to the Ministry of Internal Affairs
(police) and the FSB, where he gave the learned “testimonies”. As stated
in the commission’s document, the young man was threatened if he retract
this testimony, he will be placed in a cell with prisoners suffer from

Then Filinkov was transferred to another car – Lada Priora – and
delivered to the Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As
explained by arrested activist, people in masks were well -oriented in
the building, and discussed that they “need to close their face, because
of video-cameras”.

After all, he was taken to search of apartment where he lived with his
neighbor. The neighbor was also threatened, that “everything will be all
right” if he tell “what he knows”. Filinkov has very noticeable red
handcuff marks on his hands, stated in the conclusion of the PMC members.
Blood was wiped off from the beaten activist with snow and his hat, that
remained with the young man. Members of the PMC printed blood traces
from the hat on the interview notes.

On January 23, Viktor Filinkov disappeared on his way to the Pulkovo
airport. His wife suspected that he could be detained by secret
services. A few months ago, they thought they were being watched.
On January 25, the Dzerzhinsky District Court of St. Petersburg arrested
Filinkov for two months. He is suspected of participation in the
terrorist community (Part 2 of Article 205.4 of the Criminal Code).
According to the investigation, “Filinkov and other unidentified
persons, sharing the anarchist ideology, took part in the division of
the terrorist community in order to carry out terrorist activities,
propaganda, justification and support of terrorism.” The report says
that the left activist made confessions.

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