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AFA [antifa] Research: Two and a half years with Nordic Force – a review

Two and a half years have passed since leading activists broke out of the Nordic Resistance Movement [Nordiska motståndsrörelsen, NMR] after having failed to grab power from the inside and instead started Nordic Force [Nordisk Styrka, NS]. The ambitions were grand and the self-confidence inflated by Nazis considering themselves more orthodox, sharp and well trained than the lower rung they left behind in NMR. AFA [antifa] Research gives an account of how it went later: the premises in Kolsva and Nyköping, external activities that died out, activities that did not occur, the construction company that crashed and internal conflicts.

Remark: We will shortly publish a separate article with a summary of persons active in or tied to Nordic Force. This article contains many names but in most cases no pictures or detailed information, for that we refer to the upcoming article.

Failed coup attempt in NMR – Nordic Force created

Summer of 2019 the Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) splits, which we in AFA Research have written about earlier [in Swedish]. Several leading figures and a large part of the most active activists chose to with much drama leave NMR and start a new organization. All of the splitters have dedicated years of their lives, ruined family relationships and taken prison sentences for the organization. One of the splitters, Klas Lund (19680214-0274), founded NMR in 1997, then under the name Swedish Resistance Movement [Svenska motståndsrörelsen, SMR]. He was deposed in 2015 and replaced by NMR’s current leader Simon Lindberg (19830810-3533).

The rationale for the split was major discontent with the leadership in NMR. During spring of 2019 a list was spread to activists within the Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) to depose the leader Simon Lindberg and Pär Öberg (19710728-4379) and reinstate Klas Lund as leader. The coup attempt failed. Those that spread the list chose to instead leave NMR to start a new group – Nordic Force (NS).

NS was formed August 4 at Anundshög outside Västerås [central Sweden, about 100km west of Stockholm] where they gathered about forty people. It was mostly Swedes but also a couple of Norwegians participated. A couple of Danish activists joined later. Leader of the new organization is the convicted murderer Klas Lund. He is in the organization’s national council together with Niklas Yngwe (19890213-0015)Haakon Forwald (19780914-1299), Emil Hagberg (19840724-0178) and deputy leader Anders Rydberg (19840305-2957).

From the left: Emil Hagberg, Niklas Yngwe, Klas Lund, Haakon Forwald and Anders Rydberg.

To distance themselves from NMR and their failure the NS changed political focus. Instead of as NMR put their resources at external activities such as leafleting, demos and podcasts and failed election campaigns, the NS chose to instead turns inwards with demands from the leadership on orthodoxy. Exercise, study, outdoor life and personal development were all central parts in the goal of living as genuine Nazis. The goals that NS put up for their members do however not diverge significantly from those that are in NMR.

It can not have been an easy decision to collectively leave NMR, an organization they had sacrificed so much for and which they knew would be severely weakened by so many active activists leaving. The belief that NS would become something better must have been large. The disappointment at the result should be larger.

In this article we will give an account of the development in Nordic Force since the creation. Among other things the organization’s house in Kolsva, the gym in Nyköping, the failed attempt at running a construction company, the external projects that died out, defectors, court proceedings and internal conflicts.

The premises in Kolsva

In September 2019, a bit over a month after the split from NMR, the NS buys a previous parish house outside Kolsva [about 150km west of Stockholm, 2378 population in 2020] in the Västmanland province The NS pay SEK140000 [about $15000] for the house and as sole owner was appointed the previous NMR-activist Patrick Christensson (19960309-2652). During March 2021 the ownership is transferred to Oscar Bergström (19940901-8570).

Näverkärret 41
730 30 Kolsva

The deficient condition of the house forces NS to extensive renovations directly after the purchase. The renovations become a way of gathering the activists and give the organization a goal to fulfill. After the renovation is completed activities do however decrease rapidly. The house is way to remote for people to go there without a clear intent.

Anders Rydberg has stated the address in Kolsva as place of residency in contacts with authorities. That does however not mean he lives at the address but more likely is because Rydberg during long periods have been homeless and instead lived in his car. He has since long had an apartment in the vicinity of Medborgarplatsen [south-central Stockholm] which he has rented out, most recently to the former NMR-member Amanda Thun (19960726-3622). Since December 1, 2020 Rydberg is registered at an address in Norrköping [a town about 160km SW of Stockholm].

The gym Idavallen in Nyköping

The NS since 2020 rent premises in an industrial area outside Nyköping [a town about 100km SW of Stockholm, 33916 population in 2020]. NS call the premises Idavallen and it is used for martial arts and weight training. Idavallen is of strategical importance to NS as physical activities is one of their main focuses, and lacking external activities exercise becomes an opportunity for members to meet. In there are also several previous NMR-activists that have left to join NS.

The premises are in an industrial area of Nyköping. It is a garage in a larger building that houses several corporations. The building the premises are in is owned by SBB Raspen 1 AB [AB=stock company/incorporated] (organization number: 556010-4415), which has a well known Social Democrat as major owner and chairperson of the board. The premises that are let to NS belong to Erik Fernström’s Entrepenad [construction contractor] (organization number: 556837-5363). The company has appeared in previous articles about NS as it has several Nazis employed. E.g. Niklas Yngwe and Julius Blomberg (19881109-4997) from NS, as well as previous NMR active Kristoffer Odin (19760910-0495). Erik Fernström’s Entrepenad is owned and run by the couple Erik Fernström (19890312-7598) and Cynthia Sjöberg (19930207-0744). They some time ago moved from Nyköping to Bergsjö, north of Hudiksvall [a town about 300km north of Stockholm, 16570 population in 2020].

Erik Fernström who, through Erik Fernström’s Entrepenad AB, employs Nazis and provides gym for Nordic Force.

Cynthia Sjöberg who, through Erik Fernström’s Entrepenad AB, employs Nazis and provides gym for Nordic Force.

Blommenhovsvägen 26 port 16
611 39 Nyköping

On April 9, 2020 Nordic Force launces a Facebook page for the Idavallen gym. On April 26 a clip was posted of when Niklas Yngwe gives a tour of the premises. On May 7 they announce that they hold three instructor lead martial parts sessions a week. That is also the latest published post. Oscar Bromander (19990505-3071) and Niklas Yngwe pose in the picture and are two of the 42 people that like the page. Most of the others are members of the group and of the few that are not active in NS there are among others Jan Bergman (19890122-0460), dad of Yngwe’s wife Maria Bergman (19890122-0460).

Maria’s dad Jan Bergman actively supports NS and the Idavallen gym.

Outdoors exercises Tyresö

In Stockholm NS’ members have primarily exercised outdoors but also rented space in gyms. NS has for example trained outdoors at Trollbäckens sports ground in Tyresö south of Stockholm. The social-media account “NS träning” [training/exercise] posted relatively regularly during the spring and summer 2020, then stopped updating and entirely removed their accounts in the beginning of 2022. NS and NMR’s martial arts look the same. The only difference is that NS published fewer posts. Apart from NS’ official accounts the members also posted modest messages to lure non-organized to the exercise sessions to then recruit those that lived up to the membership criteria. Below we post two people that were enticed to participate at training sessions with NS.

September 2020: From left: Theodor Nordenadler (19910808-5672), Alex Lindgren (20010413-3293), Eric Svensson (19970909-4578) [in Swedish], Elias Lidström (19831030-0176) and Oscar Strömstedt, in hat to the right in picture, participate at exercise with NS.

Oscar Strömstedt (19991024-8716), previous  member of now disbanded Nordic Youth [Nordisk ungdom], is one of those that have participated at NS’ exercises. The picture from the exercise session above was taken down shortly after it had been posted and was replaced with a picture where Oscar is not present.

21 februari 2021: Picture from indoors training with NS in Stockholm. In the middle among the standing Jakob Tegström is seen to the left and to the right the underage recruit which we for now keep anonymous.

Another Nazi who has trained with NS is Jakob Tegström (19980205-2374) from Enskede [s southern suburb of Stockholm]. He has hopped around between several Fascist contexts the latest years and been visible at demos, cinema shows and training sessions. In the picture is also seen a new addiction, whom we with consideration of the person’s low age, won’t publish but choose to contact the parents.

March 20, 2021: Jakob Tegström participates together with other Fascists at demo against corona-restrictions.

Up like a sun, down like a pancake – NS disinterest in social media

The NS first launched their podcast, called NS Radio, shortly after their homepage went up. They essentially copied NMR’s podcast “More than words” [More than words]. Both Oscar Bergström and Niklas Yngwe had been on “More than words” and continued their podcasting in NS Radio. NS’ other podcast, Polaris, was launched in an article published on November 8, 2021. The podcast should as opposed to the talk-podcast NS Radio focus on ideology and the organization’s goals. They copied NMR’s podcast “Leader perspective” [Ledarperspektiv] and exchanged Simon Lindberg and Fredrik Vejdeland (19781003-8237) for Klas Lund and Haakon Forwald, previous leader of the Norwegian branch of NMR.

Initially NS Radio’s episodes were about NMR’s failures. In part about the resources that went to their failed work for the election 2018, in part about pointing out the leadership’s decision to lower the requirements for activists as a major mistake. They criticized NMR’s demos in general and the demo participants in particular for being fatsos, ugly and subculturals. The NS paint a picture of their members keeping an entirely different level of standards than other Nazis.

At the launch of Polaris the NS stated that Polaris would be transmitted once a month and that NS Radio would be transmitted once a week. NS Radio was transmitted in eight episodes from September 11, 2019 up to December 15, 2019. Polaris was transmitted in three episodes from December 29, 2019 up to May 11, 2020. After the last episode of Polaris the homepage has been updated once with a movie clip wherein Gustaf Behr (20030515-3694) tells that his case about violating the Knife Act will be brought up in the Supreme Court. The NS however did not manage to reach the goals they set. During December 2021 Kristian Niss and Peter Kjøller Bak whom are parts of the Danish group transmitted three episodes with Klas Lund where they go through his life.

Absent publishing activities

NS started the company Certatus Media AB (559253-5529) on April 2020. Anders Rydberg owns the company and is lone member of the board. Klas Lund is deputy board member. The delivery address is a well known address which NMR has used several times previously. An ongoing project is a translation from a German book on the subject of mythology.

Certatus Media AB
Box 412
Renstiernas gata 23
116 31 Stockholm

The failed venture in construction business

During summer 2018 a company is started by Anders Rydberg. It shall after the split 2019 become an important part of the making of NS. The company primarily becomes a way to finance NS’ activities and to give their own members and sympathizers employment and livelihood, something openly Nazi often can have a difficult time to find due to their political convictions. When NS’ members call for employees for the company they publicly express that they look for people sharing their political convictions. Later it will turn out that the company’s political profile will become its downfall.

Jimmy Andersson (19960619-8654) poses for NS’ construction company Profero bygg.

The company was initially named Profero Bygg [construction](organization number: 559167-0707), which we published on in a previous article [in Swedish]. On the corporate board were then Anders Rydberg, Niklas Yngwe’s cohabitant partner Maria Bergman and Fredrik Kosonen (19960827-3778). Profero bygg is given early attention by us and also by Arbetaren [“The Worker”, owned by the syndicalist trade union federation SAC]. That leads to NS starting a complicated process of renamings and switching around of corporate positions. The company was for a while known as Lindqvist Tak & Fasad [roofs and facades]AB but landet later at the name Södermalms bygg och måleri AB [south-central Stockholm’s construction and painting]. Under that name the company’s board consisted of two criminal business persons, with Anders Rydberg and Fredrik Kosonen as owners. A bit later the company is signed over to a suspected front person and all formal ties to NS disappear.

In spring 2021 the deputy Rydberg admits in a submission to Nyköping’s District Court (B 1559-21) [court system case number], to get lowered day fines, that NS’s construction company failed. He states that he previously ran a construction company but that after the company’s Nazi aims had been made called attention to he could no longer buy materials, and neither insurance companies not banks want to have anything to do with the company. He states that he has no income.

What started as a project to generate money for NS’ political activities and give Nazis income, thereby ends in a defeat and it is specifically the political aspect that forces them to abandon the company.


The court proceedings

Many members of NS have a long history of politically motivated crimes. It’s everything from Lund’s murder of Ronny Landin to money laundry, various cases of battery, arms violations and racial agitation, to mention a few. Since NS was formed several members have gotten themselves further convictions or are parties to ongoing court proceedings. It is mainly lesser crimes, such as traffic violations, drunk driving, lesser arms violations (knives and pepper spray) and cases at the Swedish Enforcement Authority [“Kronofogdemyndigheten”=The Crown Bailiff Authority, the State’s debt collection, evictions and court order enforcement agency].

Two of the ongoing criminal cases are however of more interest in this article and we will give if brief summary of them. The first is a prosecution at the Stockholm District Court (B 3702-19) against 11 Nazis, out of which 7 are in NS, which AFA Stockholm reported [in Swedish] about already spring 2020. Because of the Nazis’ huge effort at avoiding being served and being at court proceedings the case has been protracted. This has lead to several of the prosecution points being written off because they have reached the statute of limitation during the process. Some partial rulings have been issued, where Anders Rydberg is the only one so far to be sentenced to prison, for 14 days. The most serious prosecution points remain. It concerns arms violations (possession of 41 cans of pepper spray and 189 cartridges), preparation for serious arms violation (materials for homemade shotgun) and money laundry, and the prosecuted are Anders Rydberg, Julius Blomberg (19881109-4997) and Elin Johansson (19970313-6144).

The other case is regarding a serious battery at a midvinterblot in December 2019 where several from NS participated (B 8417-19 Uppsala District Court). The prosecuted are Patrick Christensson and Victor Nieminen (19961205-8470) and the battery had a homophobic motive and sexual aspect. The court proceedings are planned for February 10.

Christensson was together with Oscar Bergström suspected of another serious battery (B 1787-20 Nacka District Court). The victim was their friend of several years, organization- and work-comrade Linus Edberg Vosthenko (19940403-6676), now Linus Hammarqvist. Battery took place in connection to a party at the place of Bergström’ then girlfriend in Tyresö [just south-east of Stockholm]. The preliminary investigation [usually called “police investigation” elsewhere] was terminated due to lack of evidence as Linus did not want to participate in the investigation.

Nordic Foce – in constant decline

Nordic Force has existed for two and a half years but has of yet not had any public activities in spite of proclaiming that they will do smarter, more spectacular and more effective activities than NMR. They have instead tried to focus on becoming an example by living as genuine Nazis and self-development. There were many in NMR, especially in Nest 1 and Nest 8 where most of the splitters were active, who were not asked to come along to NS. The NS have in their podcasts at several occasions expressed contempt against the organization’s stance, their members and their sympathizers. Training and education has been the explicit, central parts of NS’ political practice. The training is what has been the continuity in NS and it has been maintained through the exercise group in Stockholm, which has lured a couple of new persons to approach the organization, and the premises in Nyköping which has been let to NS by Erik Fernström and Cynthia Sjöberg. The frequency of training sessions has declined with time and the question is why NS has a gym if it is not used. The education has mainly been performed individually, as far as it has occurred at all.

NS has requirements for abstention when it comes to alcohol, drugs and medications but the two serious batteries while drunk mentioned above shows otherwise. Both we and NS furthermore know that several leading members of NS are drug abusers.

Haakon Forwald has expressed that NS should be run like a corporation, which according to him means that they shall be efficient and goals-oriented. The big problem for NS is that their members are incapable of living up to the requirements for orthodoxy, dedication and discipline. The members in NS are simply not made for, or does not want, this kind of organization, which is made obvious by the numerous defections from NS. They are mainly the same old Nazis, beating people while drunk, sleeping with each other’s girlfriends and taking drugs. We’ll have to see when this dawns on Klas Lund and what he will do then after having power-played himself out of NMR.


Do you feel hit by our article, or do you want to avoid future attention, then just contact us on our e-mail. Here is a good summary of what our stance is regarding contact with defectors: information to defectors [in Swedish].

Do you know anyone personally, or do you see anyone in your everyday or at work? Do you have information regarding Fascist activity? Or are you interested in organizing in AFA? Then don’t hesitate contacting us!


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Translated by b9AcE to the best of my ability, from the original text in Swedish. Any errors are to be presumed mine, not antifa’s.


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