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A pamphlet with tips and tricks for squatting

The anarchist group “Ministry of Occupying” [a.k.a. squatting] created a handwritten pamphlet with tips and tricks for people interested in squatting empty buildings in Stockholm in 2009, which was mass duplicated and intended to leave behind to be found by others on subway seats, in cafés, etc.
It was made from half an A4-sized sheet of paper, cut lengthwise and folded accordion-style into a square.
Below is a translation of the pamphlet and a photograph of one of the pamphlets which has been hanging among the family portraits on my dad’s kitchen wall.

Disclaimer: You are responsible for your actions. This is just information and what you do with it is your own decision. Some of the content is specific to the geographic area it was created for.



[The first “O” is styled as the squatting symbol. The “A” in the Swedish word for “more” is styled as the anarchism symbol.]

If you’re nabbed by the cops

You will be probably suspected of unlawful entry and of inflicting damages. If you’re sentenced it will probably be fines. The cops can detain you for 12h if you’re suspected of crime, then they have to arrest you. Remember to never talk to the cops or sign papers even if they say you have to. You never have to cooperate. They can never detain you for longer because you refuse. The only things you have to state are name, personal identity number & the address you’re registered at. Talking to the police hurts you and your comrades.
more info: [other content there now, don’t go there]

Good to think of

• What will we do when the cops come?
• What strategy do we want to use to defend ourselves?
• How does that affect potential sentencing?
• How long do we want to stay & how do we organize that?
• How do we make decisions so that everyone are participating?
• Stick together with people you trust, take care of each other!
• If you want to spread information to media, prepare a press release.

Are you without a place of residence?

Do you want to create a social centre? A freespace? or just a chill place to hang out at?
There are lots of empty houses that just stand there & wait!
Empty houses are everyone’s houses! [not updated since 2010, but still original site]


If you occupy in Sweden you will probably be evicted shortly. To make it difficult for the cops, build phatt barricades! Be creative. Hammer, drill, saw, weld. If the house has been empty for long there usually is a lot of clutter. If not recon building sites during the nights, there can be a lot of materials and tools easily accessible there. Decide which route you want to exit through in an emergency so that your construction doesn’t shut you in.

Electricity & water

• If there isn’t water in the house there may be a faucet nearby. Water-keys can be gotten at construction stores and at claes ohlsson [online hardware store].
At gas stations one can always fetch water.
• If you’re good at electricity you definitely can manage it through the fuse/electricity-cabinet which usually is in the basement.
It is also possible to steal electricity from streetlights, but in that case talk to a knowledgeable person can be dangerous if ones doesn’t know.

Good stuff to bring along

• Tools – Hammers, saw, nails, screws, crowbar, screwdriver, and so on.
• Masks, gloves, good clothes.
• Music, colors, brushes, things to have fun with!
• Water, food.
• Flashlights.
• First aid like band aids, bandages, hand sanitizer.
• Fire extinguisher
• Bucket (if there is no toilet)

Find a house

• At City of Stockholm’s website there is a list of all municipal houses/premises that stand empty
• At there is a list of empty houses that are owned by private owners.
• Tip: Call the owner pretending to be interested & find out as much as possible about the house (how long it has been standing empty, is there electricity/water and so on)
• Go and look at the house a few times, check if there is an alarm, what kind of neighbors there are, how will you get into the house?

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