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Statement regarding the riots – against this world of cops

Three days of militancy has shaken at its foundation the bourgeois society. From the farthest right to groups calling themselves “leftist” everyone stand behind behind the police: a police force shooting at youth, who hit people with vehicles, who is ready to kill. A police force who finds the “ruthless people” amongst those at demos but can not find words for those provoking and spewing islamophobia and racism. A police force who threatens and “finds” ties to criminal gangs, but who has no problems protecting fascists. The only criminal gang is the police force and their political boss.

The cops are an occupying force in the suburbs. They strive for territorial domination. REVA [programme hounding immigrants for deportation], Rimfrost, Norrsken [tactics for more harsh policing], etc are some of the names the police use to legitimize their harassment against those living under the state’s and the capital’s oppression. As everyone knows the riots have stopped being about a banal racist like Paludan and started being about larger things. Even to the cops it is clear that it is their racism and brutality that caused the rebellion. The police is the long arm of the state. Cops have nothing to do with the working class, they are the faithful guard dogs of the system and the bourgeois society.

For the state and the upper class, expressed in newspaper editorial pieces, on Twitter, at press conferences and on the news, it is about the violence monopoly. If the police lose control the bourgeoisie order falls, the national normality maintaining racism, sexism and not least of all the class society. The cops are needed to protect the bourgeoisie’s privileges, to ensure everyone stays in their place – not least of all people of a different skin color. The bourgeoisie media is the other side of the same coin. Where the cops’ baton and weapons don’t reach, the media’s propaganda reach. The media who likes to reproduce the state’s smearing of the struggling subject that disrupted the Swedish normalcy during the easter days.

It is exactly that it was about for the state and it started being about immediately, a political challenge against their entire society, against the capitalist order per se. A couple of hundred people’s riots have in a few days shook the entire bourgeoisie society. There is much to learn from that. The political challenge is to build something out of it, to get farther. There is a potential for creating new political subjects, to turn directly against this world of cops both in practice and theory.

Now we must act, build relationships, develop movements. We must find our way back to spontaneity, activity, to build affinity groups again to coordinate and structuralize to be able to generalize the rebellion. We must spread solidarity amongst struggling subjects. We must refuse the state’s and capital’s distinctions. In a world of bosses and professional politicians we are all strangers. In a world dominated by racism, exploitation, profits, sexism, oppression and islamophobia we must all become criminal gangs questioning their normalcy, their power and their authority.

In the end the struggle against the cops and the state is about the struggle to create a different world. We must disarm the cops and abolish. This is praxis. We must arm our dreams with solidarity, justice and sealf-organizization.

ACAB! For a world without cops, without state and capital!

– Autonom Organisering & Södra Klubben [Autonomous Organizing & The Southern Club]


Translated by b9AcE to the best of my ability, from the original text in Swedish. Any errors are to be presumed mine, not the original authors’.


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