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AFA [antifa] Research: Two and a half years with Nordic Force – a review

Two and a half years have passed since leading activists broke out of the Nordic Resistance Movement [Nordiska motståndsrörelsen, NMR] after having failed to grab power from the inside and instead started Nordic Force [Nordisk Styrka, NS]. The ambitions were grand and the self-confidence inflated by Nazis considering themselves more orthodox, sharp and well trained than the lower rung they left behind in NMR. AFA [antifa] Research gives an account of how it went later: the premises in Kolsva and Nyköping, external activities that died out, activities that did not occur, the construction company that crashed and internal conflicts.

Remark: We will shortly publish a separate article with a summary of persons active in or tied to Nordic Force. This article contains many names but in most cases no pictures or detailed information, for that we refer to the upcoming article.

Failed coup attempt in NMR – Nordic Force created

Summer of 2019 the Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) splits, which we in AFA Research have written about earlier [in Swedish]. Several leading figures and a large part of the most active activists chose to with much drama leave NMR and start a new organization. All of the splitters have dedicated years of their lives, ruined family relationships and taken prison sentences for the organization. One of the splitters, Klas Lund (19680214-0274), founded NMR in 1997, then under the name Swedish Resistance Movement [Svenska motståndsrörelsen, SMR]. He was deposed in 2015 and replaced by NMR’s current leader Simon Lindberg (19830810-3533).

The rationale for the split was major discontent with the leadership in NMR. During spring of 2019 a list was spread to activists within the Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) to depose the leader Simon Lindberg and Pär Öberg (19710728-4379) and reinstate Klas Lund as leader. The coup attempt failed. Those that spread the list chose to instead leave NMR to start a new group – Nordic Force (NS).

NS was formed August 4 at Anundshög outside Västerås [central Sweden, about 100km west of Stockholm] where they gathered about forty people. It was mostly Swedes but also a couple of Norwegians participated. A couple of Danish activists joined later. Leader of the new organization is the convicted murderer Klas Lund. He is in the organization’s national council together with Niklas Yngwe (19890213-0015)Haakon Forwald (19780914-1299), Emil Hagberg (19840724-0178) and deputy leader Anders Rydberg (19840305-2957).

From the left: Emil Hagberg, Niklas Yngwe, Klas Lund, Haakon Forwald and Anders Rydberg.

To distance themselves from NMR and their failure the NS changed political focus. Instead of as NMR put their resources at external activities such as leafleting, demos and podcasts and failed election campaigns, the NS chose to instead turns inwards with demands from the leadership on orthodoxy. Exercise, study, outdoor life and personal development were all central parts in the goal of living as genuine Nazis. The goals that NS put up for their members do however not diverge significantly from those that are in NMR.

It can not have been an easy decision to collectively leave NMR, an organization they had sacrificed so much for and which they knew would be severely weakened by so many active activists leaving. The belief that NS would become something better must have been large. The disappointment at the result should be larger.

In this article we will give an account of the development in Nordic Force since the creation. Among other things the organization’s house in Kolsva, the gym in Nyköping, the failed attempt at running a construction company, the external projects that died out, defectors, court proceedings and internal conflicts.

The premises in Kolsva

In September 2019, a bit over a month after the split from NMR, the NS buys a previous parish house outside Kolsva [about 150km west of Stockholm, 2378 population in 2020] in the Västmanland province The NS pay SEK140000 [about $15000] for the house and as sole owner was appointed the previous NMR-activist Patrick Christensson (19960309-2652). During March 2021 the ownership is transferred to Oscar Bergström (19940901-8570).

Näverkärret 41
730 30 Kolsva

The deficient condition of the house forces NS to extensive renovations directly after the purchase. The renovations become a way of gathering the activists and give the organization a goal to fulfill. After the renovation is completed activities do however decrease rapidly. The house is way to remote for people to go there without a clear intent.

Anders Rydberg has stated the address in Kolsva as place of residency in contacts with authorities. That does however not mean he lives at the address but more likely is because Rydberg during long periods have been homeless and instead lived in his car. He has since long had an apartment in the vicinity of Medborgarplatsen [south-central Stockholm] which he has rented out, most recently to the former NMR-member Amanda Thun (19960726-3622). Since December 1, 2020 Rydberg is registered at an address in Norrköping [a town about 160km SW of Stockholm].

The gym Idavallen in Nyköping

The NS since 2020 rent premises in an industrial area outside Nyköping [a town about 100km SW of Stockholm, 33916 population in 2020]. NS call the premises Idavallen and it is used for martial arts and weight training. Idavallen is of strategical importance to NS as physical activities is one of their main focuses, and lacking external activities exercise becomes an opportunity for members to meet. In there are also several previous NMR-activists that have left to join NS.

The premises are in an industrial area of Nyköping. It is a garage in a larger building that houses several corporations. The building the premises are in is owned by SBB Raspen 1 AB [AB=stock company/incorporated] (organization number: 556010-4415), which has a well known Social Democrat as major owner and chairperson of the board. The premises that are let to NS belong to Erik Fernström’s Entrepenad [construction contractor] (organization number: 556837-5363). The company has appeared in previous articles about NS as it has several Nazis employed. E.g. Niklas Yngwe and Julius Blomberg (19881109-4997) from NS, as well as previous NMR active Kristoffer Odin (19760910-0495). Erik Fernström’s Entrepenad is owned and run by the couple Erik Fernström (19890312-7598) and Cynthia Sjöberg (19930207-0744). They some time ago moved from Nyköping to Bergsjö, north of Hudiksvall [a town about 300km north of Stockholm, 16570 population in 2020].

Erik Fernström who, through Erik Fernström’s Entrepenad AB, employs Nazis and provides gym for Nordic Force.

Cynthia Sjöberg who, through Erik Fernström’s Entrepenad AB, employs Nazis and provides gym for Nordic Force.

Blommenhovsvägen 26 port 16
611 39 Nyköping

On April 9, 2020 Nordic Force launces a Facebook page for the Idavallen gym. On April 26 a clip was posted of when Niklas Yngwe gives a tour of the premises. On May 7 they announce that they hold three instructor lead martial parts sessions a week. That is also the latest published post. Oscar Bromander (19990505-3071) and Niklas Yngwe pose in the picture and are two of the 42 people that like the page. Most of the others are members of the group and of the few that are not active in NS there are among others Jan Bergman (19890122-0460), dad of Yngwe’s wife Maria Bergman (19890122-0460).

Maria’s dad Jan Bergman actively supports NS and the Idavallen gym.

Outdoors exercises Tyresö

In Stockholm NS’ members have primarily exercised outdoors but also rented space in gyms. NS has for example trained outdoors at Trollbäckens sports ground in Tyresö south of Stockholm. The social-media account “NS träning” [training/exercise] posted relatively regularly during the spring and summer 2020, then stopped updating and entirely removed their accounts in the beginning of 2022. NS and NMR’s martial arts look the same. The only difference is that NS published fewer posts. Apart from NS’ official accounts the members also posted modest messages to lure non-organized to the exercise sessions to then recruit those that lived up to the membership criteria. Below we post two people that were enticed to participate at training sessions with NS.

September 2020: From left: Theodor Nordenadler (19910808-5672), Alex Lindgren (20010413-3293), Eric Svensson (19970909-4578) [in Swedish], Elias Lidström (19831030-0176) and Oscar Strömstedt, in hat to the right in picture, participate at exercise with NS.

Oscar Strömstedt (19991024-8716), previous  member of now disbanded Nordic Youth [Nordisk ungdom], is one of those that have participated at NS’ exercises. The picture from the exercise session above was taken down shortly after it had been posted and was replaced with a picture where Oscar is not present.

21 februari 2021: Picture from indoors training with NS in Stockholm. In the middle among the standing Jakob Tegström is seen to the left and to the right the underage recruit which we for now keep anonymous.

Another Nazi who has trained with NS is Jakob Tegström (19980205-2374) from Enskede [s southern suburb of Stockholm]. He has hopped around between several Fascist contexts the latest years and been visible at demos, cinema shows and training sessions. In the picture is also seen a new addiction, whom we with consideration of the person’s low age, won’t publish but choose to contact the parents.

March 20, 2021: Jakob Tegström participates together with other Fascists at demo against corona-restrictions.

Up like a sun, down like a pancake – NS disinterest in social media

The NS first launched their podcast, called NS Radio, shortly after their homepage went up. They essentially copied NMR’s podcast “More than words” [More than words]. Both Oscar Bergström and Niklas Yngwe had been on “More than words” and continued their podcasting in NS Radio. NS’ other podcast, Polaris, was launched in an article published on November 8, 2021. The podcast should as opposed to the talk-podcast NS Radio focus on ideology and the organization’s goals. They copied NMR’s podcast “Leader perspective” [Ledarperspektiv] and exchanged Simon Lindberg and Fredrik Vejdeland (19781003-8237) for Klas Lund and Haakon Forwald, previous leader of the Norwegian branch of NMR.

Initially NS Radio’s episodes were about NMR’s failures. In part about the resources that went to their failed work for the election 2018, in part about pointing out the leadership’s decision to lower the requirements for activists as a major mistake. They criticized NMR’s demos in general and the demo participants in particular for being fatsos, ugly and subculturals. The NS paint a picture of their members keeping an entirely different level of standards than other Nazis.

At the launch of Polaris the NS stated that Polaris would be transmitted once a month and that NS Radio would be transmitted once a week. NS Radio was transmitted in eight episodes from September 11, 2019 up to December 15, 2019. Polaris was transmitted in three episodes from December 29, 2019 up to May 11, 2020. After the last episode of Polaris the homepage has been updated once with a movie clip wherein Gustaf Behr (20030515-3694) tells that his case about violating the Knife Act will be brought up in the Supreme Court. The NS however did not manage to reach the goals they set. During December 2021 Kristian Niss and Peter Kjøller Bak whom are parts of the Danish group transmitted three episodes with Klas Lund where they go through his life.

Absent publishing activities

NS started the company Certatus Media AB (559253-5529) on April 2020. Anders Rydberg owns the company and is lone member of the board. Klas Lund is deputy board member. The delivery address is a well known address which NMR has used several times previously. An ongoing project is a translation from a German book on the subject of mythology.

Certatus Media AB
Box 412
Renstiernas gata 23
116 31 Stockholm

The failed venture in construction business

During summer 2018 a company is started by Anders Rydberg. It shall after the split 2019 become an important part of the making of NS. The company primarily becomes a way to finance NS’ activities and to give their own members and sympathizers employment and livelihood, something openly Nazi often can have a difficult time to find due to their political convictions. When NS’ members call for employees for the company they publicly express that they look for people sharing their political convictions. Later it will turn out that the company’s political profile will become its downfall.

Jimmy Andersson (19960619-8654) poses for NS’ construction company Profero bygg.

The company was initially named Profero Bygg [construction](organization number: 559167-0707), which we published on in a previous article [in Swedish]. On the corporate board were then Anders Rydberg, Niklas Yngwe’s cohabitant partner Maria Bergman and Fredrik Kosonen (19960827-3778). Profero bygg is given early attention by us and also by Arbetaren [“The Worker”, owned by the syndicalist trade union federation SAC]. That leads to NS starting a complicated process of renamings and switching around of corporate positions. The company was for a while known as Lindqvist Tak & Fasad [roofs and facades]AB but landet later at the name Södermalms bygg och måleri AB [south-central Stockholm’s construction and painting]. Under that name the company’s board consisted of two criminal business persons, with Anders Rydberg and Fredrik Kosonen as owners. A bit later the company is signed over to a suspected front person and all formal ties to NS disappear.

In spring 2021 the deputy Rydberg admits in a submission to Nyköping’s District Court (B 1559-21) [court system case number], to get lowered day fines, that NS’s construction company failed. He states that he previously ran a construction company but that after the company’s Nazi aims had been made called attention to he could no longer buy materials, and neither insurance companies not banks want to have anything to do with the company. He states that he has no income.

What started as a project to generate money for NS’ political activities and give Nazis income, thereby ends in a defeat and it is specifically the political aspect that forces them to abandon the company.


The court proceedings

Many members of NS have a long history of politically motivated crimes. It’s everything from Lund’s murder of Ronny Landin to money laundry, various cases of battery, arms violations and racial agitation, to mention a few. Since NS was formed several members have gotten themselves further convictions or are parties to ongoing court proceedings. It is mainly lesser crimes, such as traffic violations, drunk driving, lesser arms violations (knives and pepper spray) and cases at the Swedish Enforcement Authority [“Kronofogdemyndigheten”=The Crown Bailiff Authority, the State’s debt collection, evictions and court order enforcement agency].

Two of the ongoing criminal cases are however of more interest in this article and we will give if brief summary of them. The first is a prosecution at the Stockholm District Court (B 3702-19) against 11 Nazis, out of which 7 are in NS, which AFA Stockholm reported [in Swedish] about already spring 2020. Because of the Nazis’ huge effort at avoiding being served and being at court proceedings the case has been protracted. This has lead to several of the prosecution points being written off because they have reached the statute of limitation during the process. Some partial rulings have been issued, where Anders Rydberg is the only one so far to be sentenced to prison, for 14 days. The most serious prosecution points remain. It concerns arms violations (possession of 41 cans of pepper spray and 189 cartridges), preparation for serious arms violation (materials for homemade shotgun) and money laundry, and the prosecuted are Anders Rydberg, Julius Blomberg (19881109-4997) and Elin Johansson (19970313-6144).

The other case is regarding a serious battery at a midvinterblot in December 2019 where several from NS participated (B 8417-19 Uppsala District Court). The prosecuted are Patrick Christensson and Victor Nieminen (19961205-8470) and the battery had a homophobic motive and sexual aspect. The court proceedings are planned for February 10.

Christensson was together with Oscar Bergström suspected of another serious battery (B 1787-20 Nacka District Court). The victim was their friend of several years, organization- and work-comrade Linus Edberg Vosthenko (19940403-6676), now Linus Hammarqvist. Battery took place in connection to a party at the place of Bergström’ then girlfriend in Tyresö [just south-east of Stockholm]. The preliminary investigation [usually called “police investigation” elsewhere] was terminated due to lack of evidence as Linus did not want to participate in the investigation.

Nordic Foce – in constant decline

Nordic Force has existed for two and a half years but has of yet not had any public activities in spite of proclaiming that they will do smarter, more spectacular and more effective activities than NMR. They have instead tried to focus on becoming an example by living as genuine Nazis and self-development. There were many in NMR, especially in Nest 1 and Nest 8 where most of the splitters were active, who were not asked to come along to NS. The NS have in their podcasts at several occasions expressed contempt against the organization’s stance, their members and their sympathizers. Training and education has been the explicit, central parts of NS’ political practice. The training is what has been the continuity in NS and it has been maintained through the exercise group in Stockholm, which has lured a couple of new persons to approach the organization, and the premises in Nyköping which has been let to NS by Erik Fernström and Cynthia Sjöberg. The frequency of training sessions has declined with time and the question is why NS has a gym if it is not used. The education has mainly been performed individually, as far as it has occurred at all.

NS has requirements for abstention when it comes to alcohol, drugs and medications but the two serious batteries while drunk mentioned above shows otherwise. Both we and NS furthermore know that several leading members of NS are drug abusers.

Haakon Forwald has expressed that NS should be run like a corporation, which according to him means that they shall be efficient and goals-oriented. The big problem for NS is that their members are incapable of living up to the requirements for orthodoxy, dedication and discipline. The members in NS are simply not made for, or does not want, this kind of organization, which is made obvious by the numerous defections from NS. They are mainly the same old Nazis, beating people while drunk, sleeping with each other’s girlfriends and taking drugs. We’ll have to see when this dawns on Klas Lund and what he will do then after having power-played himself out of NMR.


Do you feel hit by our article, or do you want to avoid future attention, then just contact us on our e-mail. Here is a good summary of what our stance is regarding contact with defectors: information to defectors [in Swedish].

Do you know anyone personally, or do you see anyone in your everyday or at work? Do you have information regarding Fascist activity? Or are you interested in organizing in AFA? Then don’t hesitate contacting us!


/ AFA Research



Translated by b9AcE to the best of my ability, from the original text in Swedish. Any errors are to be presumed mine, not antifa’s.


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AFA [antifa] Malmö [south Sweden]: Summary year 2020

2020 has been a special year in many ways, with new kinds of political mobilization and movements gaining power. By the aid of experiences from local situations we learn from the year that has passed, and how emptying a town of active Nazis can be done.

The year 2020 meant a year of transformation and change for Swedish fascism compared to previous decades. From having been a lot about public activities and affecting public opinions Swedish Nazis have changed to working more internally, go on the net as well as building a stronger organization.

Within politics in general we have seen a parliamentarian neo-fascism, represented by the Sweden Democrats, which has been unable to gain enough attention to their core issue, immigration. When the corona pandemic was a fact the room for this type of questions had decreased drastically. At the same time we have seen how the Swedish right has been actively working at building a new political climate, where they want to make themselves a part of the authoritarian right-turn that the Sweden Democrats have been. Within this situation the political left finds itself torn between tendencies, while the increasingly neo-liberal Social Democrats have made it their task to dampen the right-conservatism by adopting parts of their repressive politics.

The Sweden Democrat party leader Jimmie Åkesson shakes hand with the Moderate Party [right wing] leader Ulf Kristersson.

When we study radical and racial ideological fascist movements we see that they have been affected by similar tendencies as their parliamentarian bigger siblings. In Sweden we for example don’t have any remarkable street mobilization of for example reactionary pandemic skeptics or conspiracy theorists. Instead we have been able to follow a movement which has established itself on the net, built new platforms, and to an increasing extent fragmented itself. We can now notice a tendency of increased networked organizing, when fascists –mainly young men – strive away from stagnated organizations, such as the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) [Nordiska motståndsrörelsen (NMR), Nazis].

Already 2019 NRM experienced the beginning of the problems which have become overarching themes for the year 2020. The split of the organization, when the splinter group Nordic Strength [Nordisk styrka, NS, Nazis] was formed, has left NRM weakened, with leaders that have bet on closing up ranks of the organization, tightening the recruitment and focusing on already existing members. The open form of organization of the recent years does not seem to have paid off and one of the most clear examples of this comes from Scanian [the southernmost region of Sweden, Scania=Skåne] Trelleborg [city].

Activities nationally and local

During the most recent years Scanian media have reportedof increased Nazi presence in southern Scania, and not least of all in Trelleborg. This is in line with existing data, if we look at gathered statistics of the leading organization NRM’s own reports of activities in Trelleborg municipality. As we have described earlier [in Swedish] this kind of self-reported statistics is something one should regard with caution, as the self-reporting fills a function for NRM’s own propaganda and organization. NRM builds a large part of its public communications on propaganda distribution, public activities and reporting from these – even small scale activities are reported in. The number of published reports during the recent years has decreased, from over 3000 in the year 2018, to about 1500 in the year 2020.

Number of reports per year:

2020: 1500
2019: 2100
2018: 3050
2017: 2700
2016: 2400
2015: 1500

It is in the context important to note that NRM, as most Nazis, are of the opinion that one example of posted stickers should count as one activity and reports of this. Within the antifascist work that among others Anti-Fascist Action Malmö performs it is important to be able to understand these types of activities correctly. One posted sticker or one poster is, in spite of its simplicity, not something we should regard as a simple act.

Often these propaganda messages are not just about spreading political ideas and recruiting new members, but also about making an impression and marking one’s presence at a location. Within the antifascist work against the establishment of Nazi organizations an included part is to analyze all events of Nazi propagandizing and to act. That can mean everything from cleaning off fascist messages from the streets, to surveying activities, individuals or groups, as well as putting the foot down against these, to open confrontation with these.

In Trelleborg we have been able to see examples of all these activities, with several years of Nazi basic activity, but also confrontations on the streets. The most recent clear example is from Trelleborg Pride 2017, when activists from NRM were removed by demo participants [in Swedish] that had seen them roaming around the gathering location for the Pride Parade.

Local collapse in Trelleborg

Precisely propagandizing and posting of stickers is the primary form of political work that Nazis in Trelleborg during the lastest years have has capacity to perform. These activities have also lead to Trelleborg during 2018 and 2019 sailing up to the top amongst Swedish cities med Nazi activities, counted by number of activities. Both of these years Trelleborg was at third place within NRM’s own national reporting. During the end of 2019 and all of the year 2020 this type of activity has veritably collapsed to now becoming basically non-existent.

During 2020 NRM reported only twelve activities in Trelleborg municipality. Ten of these were solo acts consisting of posting stickers or putting flyers in mailboxes. At least six, but probably all, solo activities were by the Vellinge [town in south Scania, its own municipality rather than Trelleborg’s] based activist Tobias Malvå [in Swedish]. The other two activities in the municipality consisted of one roadside hanging of banner, with unknown number of participants, and one public leafleting with three to four activists that had traveled from other locations, Marcus Hansson [in Swedish] from Lomma, Cristoffer Svärd [in Swedish] from Tollarp, Tobias Malvå and possibly some other activist.

That the activists hadtraveled from other locations is worth dwelling a bit extra on, as Nest 3 of NRM as just a few years ago had a relatively large and active group of members in the municipality. This as during the election campaigning of 2018 NRM started using a more open and loose policy towards sympathizers and members of the organization, in order to try taking the form of a regular party with party events and influencing public opinion. It was not as important then to create quality within the organization, but rather the focus was at getting new people in and to activate these. During this period a small core of acquaintances and friends was created in Trelleborg consisting of between five and six people with varying levels of activity. These have now all either withdrawn, been pacified or entirely defected from the fascist stage [interview in Swedish with an ex-Nazi of NRM].

Withdrawal or pacification from the organization has in these cases occurred on several different grounds. It has among other things been given the rationale of NRM wasting their participants’ time, that the political work doesn’t lead anywhere – that thousands of handed out flyers did not lead to a single vote during the election in Trelleborg municipality – and that the activism was not worth the repression that several of the individuals were subjected to. Not the least of it that several of the individuals came to be prosecuted and convicted for crimes committed during their time in the organization, and because antifascist attention had become a part of everyday life as being active within NRM.

AFA [antifa] Malmö  has during this time period, from the increase of activities 2018 to the collapse 2020, followed active and inactive members of NRM’s martial arts group in Trelleborg. During such situations, where Nazi activities risk quickly escalating and potentially become a problem, it can be of great benefit to already at an early stage document and identify active Nazis, as well as make them aware that they are of interest for antifascist processing. Furthermore it is as an antifascist group not of least importance to be active in the defection process, to identify both leading and weak persons, and not the least to also after individual or collective defections follow the development locally.

Regional difficulties

The number of active Nazis in Scania has not increased to a degree worth mentioning during the latest years. The active group of members in NRM is relatively low and static. A tendency among these active individuals within the nest for Scania and Blekinge [region neighboring Scania], Nest 3, is that they have engaged in systematic moving out to smaller localities or villages, away from towns where there are active antifascist groups. Large parts of the current activist grouping in Nest 3 of NRM has during periods been registered residents of the same addresses, out in the countryside or in smaller localities. Regionally the organization has also had setbacks during the past year, not the least of as the then Nest Chief Freddy (Danny) Nerman’s [in Swedish] house in Blekinge burned down at the start of the year, with economic difficulties and homelessness as a result.

Antifascists gathered in Malmö for Antifascist Brännboll [similar to baseball] in August 2020.

Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg is as familiar the cities where there are active groups of AFA [antifa] and these cities have not either during 2020 seen any establishment of long term fascist activity on the streets. When Nazis try to organize themselves in these cities or perform public activities it is exclusively activists from other locations that participate, and no long term organizations have gained a foothold. Even if there are several factors at play, we can see this among other things as a result of several years of antifascist work. But there is also a challenge here for us antifascists, to raise our gaze and venture outside our own towns, to act more regionally and to be able to exist as a mobilizing force locally and in everyday life also our own particular towns.

There are good opportunities to counter Nazi groups also in smaller towns and knock the legs off of their attempts at organizing. The example of Trelleborg shows that the Nazi organizations today suffer of strategic problems, and that antifascist work at an early stage can aid a collapse of the activities. NRM themselves are an example of an organization whose self-reported activity level often is high, but also for a long time has consisted of a focus on quantity before quality. Such organizations often take the shape of a sham and the development in Trelleborg serves as an example of how quickly such a construction can deflate.


Translated by b9AcE to the best of my ability, from the original text in Swedish. Any errors are to be presumed mine, not antifa’s.

Edit, 2021-02-18: The group “Nordisk Styrka” now list a different name for themselves in English on their own webpage than they did just after their foundation, so this text was changed from using their previous “Nordic Force” to their current “Nordic Strength”.

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The Pandemic Broke the Nazi Activism

The special pandemic year 2020 is now over and we thought to take the temperature of Sweden’s most violent Nazi group the Nordic Resistance Movement [Nordiska motståndsrörelsen, NRM/NMR]. COVID-19 of course has affected the extreme-right just as all other parties and political organizations.

Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) went through a split 2019 (which we wrote about in an article here). 2019 thereby became a lost year for NRM, but the pandemic year 2020 did not become an upward turn for the organization. Activities continued declining. The organization was forced to cancel their annual demonstration on May Day, which they had planned to arrange in Uppsala. Probably NRM was relieved to, as they in their current condition had enticed fewer participants than previously and hardly been the manifestation of strength they had desired. The downwards tend in activism is also noticable in that the organization continues to lose members. The number of struggle-reports has decreased markedly and when the year is summarized it is under 1500. Such a low number of struggle-reports the organization has not had since 2014. Internally and among members that have left there has been criticism against NRM’s strategy to let go of their high demands on which are to be allowed to become members. The critics have argued that the new “trashier” members have given a weakened image of NRM as “elite organization”. The organization has continued to lose members to the splinter group Nordic Strength [Nordisk styrka, NS] during the year 2020 and there are only a few members left in Nest 1 (Stockholm, Uppsala, Gotland) and Nest 6 (North Bothnia, Westrobothnia), after the younger members switched.

Just as previously when the organization has encountered adversity they have countered by turning inwards, strengthening the organization as an own closed world for the members to live their whole lives within and the sectarian traits increased. At their annual internal congress days several lifestyle rituals were held: the Nest Chief for Nest 8 (Södermanland, Västmanland, Östergötland) performed a religious baptism for children within the organization and Pär Öberg held a speech on how NRM should go more for holding own weddings, baptisms and funerals.

In January 2019 NRM formulated their goals for the coming five years. One of the goals was: “Within five years we shall under own name have at least one elected seat in municipality, county, country parliament or the EU-parliament.” It is therefore rather probable that NRM will stand for the elections 2022. But this strategy is contested, several of those that left the organization argue that the electoral push was a major reason for the split in the organization 2019, since so many key activists burned out in the electoral campaigning 2018. If NRM would choose to not stand 2022 they would show the defectors were right. If they choose to run 2022, with an organization that stands significantly weaker than what it did 2018 they risk getting even fewer votes [NRM achieved for the parliamentary vote 2018 just 2106 votes, 0.03% of total votes] and fail again. There is less than two years left to the elections and if they are to have time to prepare an election campaign they are starting to run out of time. One may compare to the Party of the Swedes [Svenskarnas parti, SvP, Nazi party] which was formed a few years before the elections 2010 and won one municipal seat (which they later lost when the Tax Agency [which handles elections] did not approve the leader’s registered address). SvP then bet everything on the elections 2014 but failed achieving any electoral victories and disbanded half a year after the election. NRM is taking a great risk by making a halfhearted electoral campaign, which can –just as for SvP – give the organization irreparable damages.

At the end of 2020 NRM held something they call the Organization-days. During the Organization-days the leadership rearranged the regional leadership structure within most of the Nests and several new Nest Chiefs were appointed. One can interpret that as the leadership being dissatisfied with the development during the year and that the reorganizing was an attempt at turning the negative development around.

During the year the Resistance Movement’s organization homepage was launched and the intent was to separate the activism within the organization from their news-page Nordfront. They try to give the impression that Nordfront is an independent Nazi page and not just NRM’s propaganda outlet.

In Scania [Skåne, southernmost region of Sweden] the core cadre of Nest 3 was prosecuted for a large number of assaults after a fight in Lund in June 2019

With decreasing basic activism during several years it is clear that NRM now tries to find new ways to get attention and get their message out, but with fewer people. They perform nighttime actions by posting placards around fingered pedophiles’ residences, posts banners and attack Jewish targets, everything to get the media to write about their actions. The lack of media attention pushes towards more spectacular and extreme actions, to call for attention.

The other Nazi organization, the splinter group Nordic Strength (NS), has hardly been visible during the year 2020. At the end of the previous year they launched two podcasts but since May 2020 no new episodes have been released. The organization bought a house in September 2019 and started renovating. The activist that is on the ownership deeds for the house was jailed in March suspected of aggravated assault. December 22 he was prosecuted again, for another aggravated assault which occurred in December 2019. NS has otherwise focused on holding martial arts training in the Stockholm area.

NS has focused on training for their members during 2020.

At the split 2019 there were some of the younger that chose to stay in NRM, but which at spring 2020 chose to later defect to NS. NS has successfully established itself as a more elitist organization than NRM and relentlessly tried to hammer the message that the difference to NRM, where everyone is welcome as members, is that there are significantly higher demands to become an active member within NS.

During 2021 several trials will be held against leading activists within NS. Amongst others two activists have been prosecuted for instigating assault, arms violations, preparation to aggravated arms violation and money laundry which can lead to long terms of imprisonment.

Translated by b9AcE to the best of my ability, from the original text in Swedish. Any errors are to be presumed mine, not Garm’s.

Edit, 2021-02-17: The group “Nordisk Styrka” changed their official English language translation name to “Nordic Strength” according to their webpage, from their initial official translation “Nordic Force”, so the translation was updated in this text.


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AFA (antifa) Stockholm: Nordic Youth – yet another fascist organization gives up

“Do you have the courage?” → “Decision of disbanding”

In the year 2017 a text was published by Nordisk Ungdom [Nordic Youth] where the members were urged to prepare for becoming “political soldiers” which “will have to sacrifice significantly more than blood sweat and tears”. Today, two years later, the organization is being shut down because it has been too hard for these soldiers to keep the operation alive. AFA [antifa] Stockholm explains here how this development looked and the reasons behind Nordisk Ungdom giving up.

Nordisk Ungdom (NU) was formed in the year 2010 with the ambition of becoming a countrywide organization which would modernize the Swedish fascism through new methods and new political alliances. During the first years one amongst others cooperated with radical Islamists on a foundation of antisemitism and conservatism meanwhile a hand was being stretched out to the radical leftist movement in hopes of cooperation against globalization and “society’s elite”. NU profiled itself initially as a fascist group with socialist traits, which except for immigration and multi-culture also went after neo-liberalism’s assault on the labor-rights, economic injustice and imperialism. In this way the founders, which previously belonged to Nationaldemokraterna [the National Democrats], hoped that the organization would be able to unite youth with socialist and racist values and thus lay the foundation for a new kind of fascist movement. The inspiration for this movement came largely from fascist projects abroad like Casa Pound in Italy or Junge Nationaldemokraten in Germany.

This political strategy became short-lived, partially because the socialist movement with organized anti-fascists at the front treated NU by the exact same terms as any other fascist street-group.  It sometimes happens that fascists try to use socialist rhetoric, but this will never change the fact that they fundamentally want to divide the working class and get us to hate our colleagues and neighbors instead of our real enemies. The AFA-network [antifa-network in Sweden] and other anti-fascists therefore at an early stage ensured confronting NU repeatedly which contributed to all local groups except the one in Stockholm quickly being disbanded and also the remaining Stockholm group became quickly strongly weakened, they only succeeded in hanging on because the leadership and the core activists lived in Stockholm.

After the experiment of uniting fascist and leftist-minded youth failed Patrik Forsén (19840325-0155) and a few activists  continued running the organization. For several years the group was searching for a way to grow and become relevant, but time after time they were hit by setbacks in the form of at three occasions having their premises exposed and their events attacked. Among the few activists that had stayed in the organization are apart from Patrik Forsén also Fredrik Haugen (earlier Hagberg) (19860924-0638) and Christian Mattsson (19900604-4433). Through the years the group experimented with various ideological alignments, from the initial will to approach the left to adopting the so-called “alt right”-movement’s rhetoric and thereafter an attempt with a radical-conservative variant of Catholicism.

During the years 2015-2017 NU achieved some media success and in number of active members by producing video clips of provocative actions, e.g. was organized attacks against the Pride-parade and the sit-in strike for unaccompanied refugee minors’ rights. At one of these occasions one person was injured when pyrotechnics was thrown straight into the group of youths that were performing a peaceful manifestation at Mynttorget [town square between Parliament and Stockholm Palace], which we previously reported about here. Meanwhile, NU’s members worked frantically with a new social center which they rented in false name in the municipality of Danderyd’s premises. Furthermore Patrik Forsén launched a number of side projects, foremost Skandinaviska Förbundet [The Scandinavian Association], which was to work as the (officially) youth-based group NU’s adult equivalent. These side projects however never lead to any larger success but remained air castles on the Internet.

On March 8, 2018 NU once again performed an action whose only purpose was to become a good video clip by trying to provoke the feminist demonstration which is being held on that date every year. This time however they were confronted by a number of anti-fascists which lead to the action failing and those that had participated got to leave the place with their tails between their legs. In May same year we published a compilation of the people which participated in Nordisk Ungdom’s activities and a month later the paper Arbetaren [“The Worker“, the anarcho-syndicalist labor union SAC‘s paper] published where the new premises were, which got them evicted and all energy invested in the project was for nothing. In November 2018 NU’s last demo resulted in open conflict between their own group and Nordiska motståndsrörelsen (NMR) [Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM), Nazis], because the latter during the march had become violent when anti-fascists on location protested against their demo. NMR’s behavior resulted in the whole spectacle ending in a fight between fascists, police and anti-fascists. This was something which NU did not appreciate at all which drove the until then relatively good relations between NU and NMR into the ground. Furthermore NU left walkover to NMR in the few contexts they participated in and were engaged in, e.g. the demo at Mynttorget. During 2018 and 2019 the level of activism in the group has been steadily decreasing and the number of members drastically declining until it was decided to officially disband the group.

– We have decided to dissolve the organization as we don’t deem the conditions for continued activity to be fruitful.

This Friday came the statement from Nordisk Ungdom and Skandinaviska Förbundet which declares that the organization ceases to exist. After a 2018 filled with setbacks the group’s spokespersons explain that they no longer can carry on with their activities because “activists are fired from their jobs, the union refuses to represent them, they are persecuted by authorities while left-extremists are allowed to harass and batter. The established media houses cheer the witch-hunt and gladly destroy the lives of young and old. Electoral rigging occurs widely. We are convicted in political courts, we are not allowed to rent premises, banks have shut down our accounts.”

[“One of us was beaten down yesterday.”]

Nordisk Ungdom participates in an episode of Hate The Neighbor. The show mixes documentary filming with standup about the show’s activities.

We in AFA Stockholm can not but congratulate ourselves and other anti-fascists around in Sweden which since NU was founded the year 2010 with joy and pride have been a driving force in making these fascists’ lives difficult. The anti-fascist movement has through all these years worked hard at identifying and confronting these fascists. It is we in the anti-fascist movement that see to it that these individuals’ employers, colleagues and neighbors get to know what they are up to in their spare time. It is also the anti-fascist movement which by “harassing and battering” the fascists which themselves attack peaceful manifestations, burst the illusion they are trying to create of themselves as strong, brave and angry white men. Nordisk Ungdom has been unable to retain the activists which in various batches have joined the group because they were constantly countered, something which becomes extra clear when one reviews the past year when the air went out of the organization once and for all.

AFA Stockholm has through the years seen many fascist organizations come and go. Svenskarnas Parti [Party of the Swedes], Fria Nationalister [Free Nationalists], Nationaldemokraterna [the National Democrats] and Förbundet Nationell Ungdom [the National Youth Association] are some exaples of the groups within the white supremacist-environment which during the 2000s have imploded. That Nordisk Ungdom now join the same destiny is not only important in the meaning that we have a fascist organization less to oppose but also means that the entire white supremacist-environment is weakened overall. NU has as the previously mentioned organizations been acting as a fixed point in the fascist movement and has had collaborations and alliances with groups and initiatives which now stand without protection and extra activists to use. We expect more castles in the air to fall and look forward to the domino effect it results in dissatisfaction, personal conflicts and further division.

Nordisk Ungdom is no longer organizationally a problem. But in spite of the organization’s weakness and the members’ incompetence a few of the former members can on an individual level still represent a threat. Some of the members will leave the political involvement behind and some will look for new contexts in other fascist groups, it has always been thus. We have previously published a compilation of NU’s members and sympathizers which can be read here. The article is relevant until we see that those mentioned are no longer active and urge those which feel affected to contact us to avoid our future attention.


Follow us on our active twitter-account so you won’t miss our updates.

/ AFA Stockholm

Translated by b9AcE to the best of my ability, from the original text in Swedish. Any errors are to be presumed mine, not antifa’s.

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Swedish Anarcho-Syndicalist Youth Federation Gothenburg: Anti-fascist May Day in Kungälv

Handful of Nazis got protection from hundreds of police, yet got beaten  – SUF Göteborg’s [Swedish Anarcho-Syndicalist Youth Federation Gothenburg’s] statement on anti-fascist May Day in Kungälv.

The club began the day by gathering for a pre-meeting in Gothenburg, before we together went to Kungälv. On location we gathered together with other anti-fascists at the Travel Center at 11:30 to participate in Gothenburg’s Anti-fascist Front’s [Göteborgs Antifascistiska Front, GAF] counter-demonstration. Banners were handed out to the demonstration’s participants and the front banner was unveiled. According to the papers the demo consisted of about 500 people.

The demo went from Travel Center to Komministergatan [street], where GAF’s arrangement was ended and everyone could continue on their own. We then chose to together with the anti-fascist crowd of people move towards Nytorget [a town square]. The police had blocked the area around the place, so to even get close one was forced to two by two get let through into their corrals.

Once in there the police tried to push us into a smaller area to gain control over the location, so we linked together to stand against their assault. Reinforcements were quickly called in, police vans blocked off the area and in the corner of the eye we spotted the Nordic Resistance Movement’s [Nordiska motståndsrörelsen, NMR, the Nazis] demonstration march.

Their day did not start as filled of hope as ours – the parking lot they gathered on was according to rumor covered with slogans like ”FUCK NMR”.

At the most we were well over a thousand counter-demonstrators at Nytorget. A clear sign of how much stronger we are than the Nazis, who is spite of having mobilized from the entire country only managed to scrape together about 250 people.

When we spotted them we tried to exit at the side of the cordoning, which made the cops call in the cavalry. Anti-fascist counter-demonstrators threw firecrackers and pyrotechnics in response to this, which made the horses shy back and the police that sat on them whip furiously with their whips.

All solidarity to the cop-horsies, they too are victims of the police! Animals of course don’t belong in stressful situations like these.

After NMR had marched on towards Nytorget the crowd of people went closer to their assigned demonstration location to show what they could do. Fruit and other yummies soon rained over the Nazis while they lined up. In video clips from within their march one can see how the panic spreads when the thunderous sound of firecrackers was heard again and again from inside their own lines.

At the same time as that tumult appeared, anti-fascists at the front started tipping the fences that separated the crowd of people from the tiny number of ties-adorned and shield-bearing Fascists. The police had to once again call in reinforcements in the form of a line of riot police and a line of horse. When this was not enough several police vans drove forward and the riot police frantically used both batons and pepper spray.

Nigh hundred costumed Nazis

It was noticeable that the police felt threatened by the enormous wrath the Nazis awoke in the gathered counter-demonstrators. They by and by deployed lots of both uniformed and plainclothes police in the crowd – wherever one turned one eventually saw examples of the well known counter-demonstrator type ‘jacked dude with stubble, hoodie and earpiece’, which temporarily dampened the anti-fascist resistance..

It did however not seem as if the police had thought much farther than corrals, undercovers and horses, as NMR’s march back didn’t get one quiet moment. To protect the Nazis from the furious crowd the cops were forced to box in their demonstration march completely, see picture below.

In connection to this NMR also got in a violent confrontation with both police and bushes. The result was that several of them were apprehended or left Kungälv with injuries.

At this time it was also high time for us in SUF and other Socialists to go back to Gothenburg and hold our own May Day demonstration.

NMR had to wander back totally surrounded by police and police vans

We are proud of our contribution as an organization, that our effort at mobilizing made a difference, and how clear our cohesion in the club was manifested during the demonstration.

We are certain that NMR with all  the desired clarity were made aware what would have happened if they had not been protected by hundreds of cops. The reason they are ever able to hold demonstrations is because they have police escort from start to finish..

We want to thank all anti-fascists that were in Kungälv for standing up for what they believe in and really show whom May Day belongs to – that it will always be the labor movement’s day. We also want to thank the organizations that contributed to the arrangement around the counter-demonstration, especially our comrades in Göteborgs LS [Gothenburg’s Local Federation of the Anarcho-Syndicalist labor union SAC] that chose to postpone SAC’s demonstration to later the same day. When we stand united we can do anything!

Solidarity and thankfulness to all counter-demonstrators that were subjected to repression during the day – your sacrifices are meaningful.

Now we continue fighting for a Kungälv, a Sweden and a world free from Fascism.

Translated by b9AcE ( and to the best of my ability, from the original text in Swedish. Any errors are to be presumed mine, not SUF’s.

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Nazi group NMR met anti-fascist resistance in Kungälv, Sweden

May 1, 2019 the Nazis of NMR demonstrated in Kungälv. They succeeded in reaching their final destination but in spite of strong police protection they met a massive resistance going there and back. Over 500 counter-demonstrators showed that the Nazis are not welcome in Kungälv! A broad powerful anti-fascism lead to the Nazis walking bleeding and scared back.


NMR has been making an effort at Kungälv since for the election year 2018. They have had a number of public leaflettings and activities in Kungälv and ran two candidates in the municipal election. Low election results showed that their propaganda drive had not had great effect. They tried to once again concentrate on Kungälv by placing one of their demonstrations on May 1 there.

NMR gathered on the parking outside the cookie factory in Kungälv to get ready for their demonstration. At the same time anti-fascists gathered to walk in a May 1-demonstration against Nazism in Kungälv.The counter-demonstrators gathered at the Travel Center and walked towards central Kungälv.When the Nazis had started their demonstration anti-fascists went to their demonstration route and final destination Nytorget [a town square]..

When the Nazis came to Nytorget over 500 counter-demonstrators had gathered at the square to show that they were not welcome. Firecrackers and pyrotechnics rained over the Nazis when they went towards the square. When they had arrived the gathering was disturbed by both things that were thrown and by counter-demonstrators’ slogans and protests.


The anti-fascists were many and showed clearly that they did not want the Nazis there! Going back they walked with protection by police same way they came and the police could not protect the Nazis against those that did not want them there. Scared and sad they moved onwards on the demonstration route to finally get stopped by the police. The Nazis had attacked the police on several occasions during the day and were stopped until the police had removed those that were to be detained. 25 Nazis were detained for violent rioting, agitation against an ethnic or national group and threat to public servant.

According to own numbers NMR had succeeded in gathering a bit over 400 people at the demonstrations, out of which 160 in Ludvika and 270 in Kungälv. What for NMR was to be a day of showing strength and scaring their surroundings, ended in a fiasco where they met resistance and were bused away. Thanks to the responsible at the premises they should be at after the demonstration throwing them out, they could not have their finalizing activity there either. They instead ended the day by gathering 30-40 people at IKEA’s parking at midnight.


The anti-fascist counter-demonstrators were many and of all ages and in various ways showed their disgust against that Nazis demonstrated through the town. There was a strong solidarity and comradery among those that participated and we want to thank everyone for a united resistance during the day!

May 1 in Kungälv can be seen as an anti-fascist victory where it was not easy to be a Nazi. The struggle continues and Fascism must be stopped in all its forms. Get organized and continue making resistance against Nazis and their activity in the way you want to and are able to. All anti-fascism is needed.

If you have information about Nazi activity in Västra Götaland [County] or want to get organized in the fight against Fascism? Then don’t hesitate to contact us!


// Anti-Fascist Action Gothenburg

Translated by b9AcE ( and to the best of my ability, from the original text in Swedish. Any errors are to be presumed mine, not antifa’s.

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Important evidence in bombing case were requested already in the District Court

Nobody was convicted for the bombing at Axel Adler’s street. Photo: Thomas Johansson/TT

Relevant to this article is the article "The court was not allowed to see important evidence at Nazi trial" from earlier today.

Ekot [Swedish public service radio news] has earlier told about the Court of Appeal not getting to see important evidence against one of the prosecuted Nazis in a bombing trial in Gothenburg. Ekot’s review also shows that this evidence was requested already in the District Court.


It is about a bombing against a refugee housing January 5, 2017, where a cleaner was severely injured. During the trial SÄPO [Swedish Security Service] and the responsible prosecutor claimed that they through technical surveillance could tie the Nazi leader Viktor Melin to the purchase of egg timers in the Coop [retail chain] store on Backaplan in Gothenburg. The egg timers were identical to an egg timer that had been used in the bomb.

In the District Court Viktor Melin was convicted for the bombing,but the presiding judge wanted to acquit. He wrote:
”Any accounting of how this technical surveillance has been performed has however not been presented and thus remains doubt whether Viktor Melin time-wise is tied to Coop Backaplan at the time for the purchases.”

The ruling was appealed to the Court of Appeal, but Public Prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist sees no reason to more thoroughly give an accounting for the result of the technical surveillance.
– The material we presented in the District Court we presented also in the Court of Appeal in about the same way, in principle.

In the Court of Appeal the evidence is not enough. Viktor Melin is acquitted. But why the prosecutor chose to not include the presentation of the technical evidence, the experts that Ekot has spoken to have difficulty understanding.
– I do not understand it at all. If one has evidence one surely brings it up. One does surely want someone to be convicted. If they also requested exactly that evidence, which one claims to exist, says Ingrid Helmius, lecturer on jurisprudence at Uppsala University.

But it turns out that not even the prosecutor has gotten to take part of the technical surveillance that SÄPO performed. It was too secret deemed SÄPO.
– The material that I got is that which is in the preliminary investigation protocol, says Mats Ljungqvist.

Why have you not gotten to see the reports from the technical surveillance, that is surely rather essential information for a prosecutor?
– It is like this that when it comes to the surveillance methods themselves, then it is methods that are covered by secrecy. So not even I as prosecutor has any real use of finding out exactly which methods that have been used..

Ekot has sought the Security Service for an interview, but they have declined.

This is a translation of the original public service radio article, as it was updated on 2018-03-08, 17:29 local time.
The translation was done, due to global relevance and lack of official translation, by @b9AcE to the best of my ability




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The court was not allowed to see important evidence at Nazi trial

Nobody was convicted for the bombing at Axel Adler’s street. Photo: Thomas Johansson/TT

Relevant to this article is the article "Nazis placed bomb in spite of Swedish Security Service surveillance" from the previous day.

When two Nazis were prosecuted for a bombing against a refugee housing in Gothenburg, the court was not allowed to see important evidence. That is shown by [Swedish public service radio news] Ekot’s review. The Nazis were acquitted in the Court of Appeal.


The fifth of January 2017 a bomb explodes outside the refugee housing Formule 1 on Axel Adler’s street in Gothenburg. The cleaner Lamin Bojang is seriously injured.
– I heard a bang. I am flying and then people come and help me, says Lamin Bojang himself in the court.

A large part of  his legs are blown off and he gets permanent injuries.
– I don’t feel well after the event. I think a lot about my future, says Lamin Bojang.

The SÄPO [Swedish Security Service] investigation quickly ties the bombing to two other deeds in the Gothenburg area, which are suspected to have been perpetrated by Nazis.

SÄPO has for some time had the local Nazi leader Viktor Melin under surveillance and when the investigation is finished the Security Service and the prosecutor claims that they by the aid of technical surveillance, GPS-positioning of Viktor Melin’s car, can tie him to the purchases of three egg timers which are identical to that which was used in the bomb.

This becomes an important evidence in the trial that follows.
– It was an important evidence, who purchases these egg timers, says Ralf G Larsson, who is President of the Court of Appeal for Western Sweden.

So if it is as the prosecutor claims, that there was technical evidence, that had been important?
– That had been important, says Ralf G Larsson.

But the court never gets to see any report from the technical surveillance.
– If we would closer, too detailed, describe the method the criminals and suspects would protect themselves against the method, says preliminary investigation leader, Public Prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist.

Instead a coordinator at SÄPO gives testimony, which hardly even seems to know how the surveillance works.
– Technical surveillance is a kind of positioning, where one can see positioning. Closer technical details I can unfortunately not detail, that is my ignorance, he says in court.

Court of Appeals President Ralf G Larsson:
– They claim they had some technical surveillance of him. (Viktor Melin editor’s note) They only tell about it. We never found out what kind of technical surveillance they had, which one usually gets in these kinds of cases.

The evidence is not sufficient and Viktor Melin is acquitted from the bombing. In the ruling the court demands the source material, the report from the technical surveillance.

That it would be sensitive to show such a report, the experts that Ekot has talked to do not understand. Magnus Ranstorp is a terror-researcher at the Swedish Defence University:
– It is not sensitive. I do not understand why they have not done it, he says.
– If one is to prove a crime it surely is good if one chucks forward as much evidence as possible. And that is surely the prosecutor’s task, says President of Court of Appeal Ralf G Larsson.

You can not say that this is a general problem which you have encountered many times, that one doesn’t present the entire evidence?
– No, I probably hardly ever have experienced that, if there are such evidence. I don’t know that of course.

– If the ruling is such that the judge in retrospect points out that proof of a certain kind could have changed the ruling, one can contemplate that, but I am not completely sure that we had been able to act differently, says Public Prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist.

To the cleaner Lamin Bojang, which was seriously injured by the bomb, the ruling means he does not get the right to compensation, being awarded damages.

The Nazi Viktor Melin is convicted for two other bombings, but gets a reduced sentencing.

We have sought the Security Service for an interview, but they have not wanted to participate.

This is a translation of the original public service radio article, as it was published on 2018-03-08, 04.00 local time.
The translation was done, due to global relevance and lack of official translation, by @b9AcE to the best of my ability





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Nazis placed bomb in spite of Swedish Security Service surveillance

Three Nazis were later convicted for the bombing. Photo: Tomas Oneborg/TT as well as the Police.

Relevant to this article is the article "The court was not allowed to see important evidence at Nazi trial" from the next day.

[Public service radio news] Ekot can today reveal that Nazis in the beginning of 2017 were able to place a bomb at a refugee housing in Gothenburg in spite of [Swedish Security Service] SÄPO having them under surveillance. One of the Nazis was a suspect for a previous bombing.


– We saw electronics there, among other things a black tube that looked like a battery of some kind. It actually started ticking too, like an egg timer. Then it hit us that it could be a bomb, tells the location manager at Lilleby camping, Tommy Lassinati.

It is January 25, 2017 and he looks in a ICA [retail chain] bag that is standing behind one of the camper homes at the camping. The ICA bag contained a bomb on a timer.
– One of the cords had come loose from the egg timer.

So if it had not been disconnected when the egg timer finished ticking it had exploded?
– Yes absolutely, it would have.

Three Nazis were prosecuted and are later convicted for the bombing. But when we review the preliminary investigation protocols it becomes apparent that the Security Service had several opportunities to stop the bombing.

Already in the middle of December the Security Service got to know that the local Nazi leader Viktor Melin’s DNA was found on a bomb that had exploded outside premises in central Gothenburg, being used by leftist activists.

Public Prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist at the Public Prosecution Office for Security Cases becomes the preliminary investigation leader. In spite of the DNA hit he decides to not arrest Viktor Melin.
– Physical surveillance is placed on him to unravel how he moves, and who he contacts.

But the decision to not arrest Viktor Melin at once shows to have serious consequences. At the same time as he is under surveillance by SÄPO he and a buddy obtains materials that they use to build a new bomb. At one of the events SÄPO’s surveillance agents are even present too in the store. The surveillance agent tells it like this in the District Court
– When I enter, Melin is standing quite close to the right and looks at items that belong to housing or hobby. They talked very quietly with each other, as if because nobody else should hear. I walked around to hear what they said, and then they went quiet.

With SÄPO’s surveillance agent on his heels Viktor Melin buys plastic boxes, superglue, nails, and if one is to believe the preliminary investigation then travels to buy egg timers that may be used to make a bomb on timed delay.

Viktor Melin  also obtains dynamite. Probably the delivery occurs on a parking where he meets another, explosives knowledgeable, Nazi, Jimmy Jonasson. SÄPO’s surveillance agent tells in the District Court:
– They have squeezed in with the rear end farthest in against the parking lot square, so it is impossible to see inside. I reacted against it being a cumbersome parking. We believe they did something, but we can not say what they did.

The man that they meet at the parking, Jimmy Jonasson, works as a construction diver, and it will turn out he has an entire container filled with dynamite on his yard a bit from Gothenburg. But that it would be dynamite that was handed over the Public Prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist only understands later.
– It is described as a conspiratorial meeting. I do not remember the wording, but I made the interpretation that something could have been handed over at this event.

At the evening of New Year’s Eve the surveillance agent of SÄPO follows Viktor Melin when he and another organized Nazi travels to Lilleby camping, which was used as a refugee housing.
– I sit in the car located closest to the vehicle in question. And when they go onto the deserted road which later leads to Lilleby camping I choose to turn off, the surveillance agent tells to the court.

The two Nazis park and sneak through the forest towards the camping. Preliminary investigation leader Public Prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist is off duty but gets a phone call from a colleague that is on call.
– SÄPO is nervous over that two persons with ties to the Nordic Resistance Movement [NMR] are located there, especially as there is information that NMR has had a special campaign aimed in particular against Lilleby camping. This altogether gives a rather worrisome picture.

But he does not see any cause to arrest the two Nazis or alert the refugee housing.
– At that time we do not primarily suspect that a bomb has been placed. Rather there are other hypotheses as to why he is moving in that area. And if we had seen any signs that it was a matter of a planned bombing spree we had naturally done something about it. I presume that, that we had ended it, says Public Prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist.

– I do not understand why this was not ended, says Magnus Ranstorp, one of Sweden’s premier terror-researchers.
– It is very remarkable. There are major reasons for them to know that it can develop to become dangerous.

It is New Year’s night, it is dark, they park right next to the forest, they have previously placed a bomb and they walk a sneak route up towards the camping. How would you interpret the situation?
– I would interpret it as something is about to happen, due to the locality, due to who was there. There is a history and there is no reason to take this any farther, and that it can come to endanger the life of another.
– I believe that every person that hears this would pose serious questions as to why this was not ended because it could have gotten really, really serious.

Neither is the camping searched for any bomb. Only over three weeks later the bomb is found by the location manager at the camping.

Why is the camping not searched?
– I can not answer that. The Security Service get to answer that. I have no reason to give their decision a review, says preliminary investigation leader Mats Ljungqvist.
– Should one have searched the camping? Yes with the results in hand one should have done that.

The three Nazis are convicted for the bombing at Lilleby camping. Viktor Melin is also convicted for the fist bomb, at the Syndicalists’ premises. Melin and Jonasson are later prosecuted also for a third bombing against a refugee housing, where a cleaner is seriously injured. This too is to have happened after SÄPO started surveillance on Melin. Viktor Melin can not be tied to the bombing location and both are acquitted by the Court of Appeals.

We have sought the Security Service but they have chosen not to participate. We have also sought Viktor Melin and Jimmy Jonasson, but without result.


This is a translation of the original public service radio article, as it was published on 2018-03-07, 04:00 local time.
The translation was done, due to global relevance and lack of official translation, by @b9AcE to the best of my ability.


A later article (as published 14:40 local time) also by public service radio contains the following audio segment, translated by me below, with the following title:

The sharp demand: Investigate [the Swedish Security Service]

The Parliamentary Ombudsmen [JO] must investigate if the prosecutor and SÄPO [Swedish Security Service] acted correctly when when they did not intervene in spite of seeing the suspected people they had under surveillance bought materials for a bomb,
That is the opinion of Sven-Erik Alhem, former Director of Public Prosecution Authority.
The suspected people also traveled to a refugee housing where SÄPO’s surveillance agent thought to see them make a weapon ready to fire, without them intervening.
Alhem: I would myself, if I myself was JO, I would definitely make a decision ex officio to begin an investigation regarding this.
Reporter: To get an answer to that question, if this was right or wrong.
Alhem: Yes, to get a complete investigation that can be the foundation for an assessment, simply. It is almost so that I have called on JO to make a decision.
Reporter: Yes, that is what you are doing now.
Alhem: Yes… but it is not certain that JO thinks the way I do.

Reporter: To not act against a person that is in the act of committing a crime, or is about to commit a crime, but instead defer and wait until one can prove even more serious criminality, that is called interimistic passivity.
That is a difficult judgement call according to Sven-Erik Alhem, to know when one should act and when one should not act and according to him there are no easy answers.

Alhem: It can be a difficult judgement call, to choose when one should act. If one acts too soon, then one risks to lose everything and forewarn those that one is performing survelliance against, that one is on their heels.
Reporter: Because in that which you have taken part of, can you see something right or wrong there?
Alhem: No that is, I don’t want to in a haphazard manner say anything, it would be wrong of me to make a call in the case, but… I reacted on what I heard being reported in the story and thought it was strange.



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AFA (antifa) Helsingborg: Martin Karlsson tells about its defection from NMR

Defections from the nationalist movement happen regularly. It happens for various reasons and many want to move on with their lives. When we handle contacts with defectors we always do that discreetly. Martin Karlsson however has expressed a wish to tell about its defection from NMR and has also chosen to not be anonymous.

How did you get in contact with Nazism?

I actually started hanging with Nazis already when I was 16 years old. In the beginning because it was a “cool” thing to do, and it felt awesome that people were afraid of me. Then 2008 I was out on the town and and got into a brawl because I was cocky against the wrong guy, the guy also happened to be an immigrant. I got injured from this. During my convalescence after this my interest for Nazism really sped up, and the farther I got into the sphere, the better it felt so to speak. All feelings of guilt and debt for acts I had committed disappeared.

When did you join the Nordic Resistance Movement? And during which period were you active?

I was active for several years as a hangaround kind of but I was a full member between 2014-2016. I officially defected shortly after the demonstration in Borlänge, I had during a longer period worked towards extricating myself. For me it was because of the family, the friends and my girlfriend at the time that was a strongly motivating point for me and then your work of course. You succeeded in getting me to reevaluate my entire worldview. To look at myself through the eyes of others as to speak and I can say that I hated what I saw. Now later I have understood that every step I took inwards I got more and more brainwashed, I lost the respect for everything and everyone, became more heated and changed my kind attitude and will to talk about things to instead go straight for acts of violence.

How did it feel to leave the Nordic Resistance Movement?

The time after I had left, wow. It was first of all an incredibly heavy stone that lifted from my chest, I felt completely free and for the first time in several years I was completely happy. After a while an immense feeling of guilt and straight up shame for what I had spread around me. In this article I really want to convey one thing and that is pardon me for everything I have said and done, for all the hate, vandalism and similar I have done, I was completely brainwashed and did not understand better.

Do you have something you want to tell those that think about defecting?

All you that sit and think about leaving but are afraid of taking the step, just defect there are many many more of those that will help you than those that want to hurt you, don’t be afraid to contact your closest AFA [antifa] group, they will help you with everything from tips and advice to offering counseling from a person that calls and listens and is there when there really is a crisis for you. Today I am open about my defection on social media and I am there for everyone that wants to talk or ask for advice, for both parents and youth that are getting entangled in the Nazi world. And people that want to or has defected and needs to chat with someone to conclude how they shall move forward.

How do you think that one should respond an organization like the Nordic Resistance Movement?

The best way to work against an organization is through being in solidarity in the work against them, to always prosecute them even for trifles, to make life so difficult for them that they eventually turn on each other. To continue exposing them not only online but on large posters around town, simply make it difficult for the Nazis to be Nazis.

Do you participate in the interview voluntarily and without pressure or leverage from us?

Yes I participate of my own free will.


We thank Martin Karlsson and refer to [in Swedish] We work against the organized Fascism long-term and systematically. Contact us if you want advice or help.

AFA [antifa] Helsingborg


Translated by b9AcE ( and to the best of my ability, from the original text in Swedish. Any errors are to be presumed mine, not antifa’s.
Where the text mentions contacting them, if you are far from Helsingborg, Sweden… I suggest reading that as contacting your local or closest antifa-group, although I would guess the antifa-groups in Sweden would probably help as far as they are able to as well.

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